I am going to try to explain why horse racing ratings have a real place to pay in every punter’s arsenal and why you should be using ratings in addition to your normal horse selection process.

So, let’s start with the obvious…

1). Filter out the non-contenders.

With Advance Ratings, in 2016 50% of all winners came from the top three rated horses. And that was for all field sizes; imagine if you have a 17 horse handicap race and know that you can reduce it into a three horse race by just looking at the three real contenders.

2). Validate your tipster’s tips.

If you subscribe to a tipping service you don’t actually have to back all of the tips you receive.

After all, it’s your own money.

You might want to check those tips against some ratings and only put your sixpence on if the horse is top three rated. You might even find it profitable to increase your stakes and risk a shilling if the horse is top rated.

In this way, ratings are a kind of safety check.

3). Validate your own choices.

Whatever system or strategy that you use to identify horses to back (or lay) then you can validate those selections by checking them against the ratings.

4). Create your own systems.

If the ratings agency that you use allows you to download a spreadsheet of all historical results (not all of them do but, obviously, Advance Ratings does) and…

If you are a bit handy with Excel (or some other spreadsheet) then you can use a Pivot Table to Slice and Dice the data to show profitable strategies. I have done this myself to come up with a simple system that gives me an average of 26 bets a week with a Strike Rate of 35% and a Profit on Investment of 35% (to level stakes to ISP.)

This is available for all Advance Ratings members – the spreadsheet detailing the rules is available here…

  • 5 ways to make money from horse racing ratings
  • I shall be doing a video showing the process I used to generate this system.

    5). Find which races to avoid.

    If, for a certain race, the ratings numbers (I call mine ADR) for the top three rated horses are very close together then I would swerve that race.

    Or maybe Dutch the top three rated horses.


    I hope that you have found this a worthwhile read. I firmly believe that access to a reliable ratings service is vital to profitable horse racing betting.

    Have a great day’s racing!

    As always…

    My kindest regards



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