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As there was no racing on Sunday, I have decided to extend the current free trial (that some people are on) until tomorrow.

I’ve had many emails from people taking the trial; asking questions and suggesting strategies so I could use a couple of extra days anyway (just so that I can make sure that all are answered.)

I would like to apologise for yesterday’s slightly jumbled ratings (and selections.)

This was due to the abandoned meetings on Sunday.

If a race is abandoned after the ratings have been produced then the ratings doesn’t know about it and, thus, those selections stay on the ratings. For those races/meetings I have to manually update the database to tell the ratings that those races/meetings have been abandoned.

On Sunday, I forgot to do that.

I have updated the database and have written some code so that it is easier for me to do in the future.

Some of you have mentioned that it wasn’t possible to sign up for Advanced Ratings. I have spoken to Clickbank and they have sorted the problem out.

It is now, once again, possible to join Advance Ratings – I suggest you use the links on The Sales Page as there is a link (you will have to scroll down a bit) which gives you the first month at half price.

Alternatively, this is the link…

I am still working on a reconciliation for our System Bets. I am hoping to finish this today so that I can report on it tomorrow.

So far today, only Exeter has been abandoned (leaving us with 3 meetings) but who knows what today will bring. Over here in sunny Brittany (where it never snows), it snowed (for the second time this year) yesterday!


Down Royal 14:25 – Our top rated horse came second and our second rated horse won this race. The Reverse Forecast paid £4.43 to a £2 stake.

Lingfield (AW) 14:50 – Our top three rated horses came first, second and third – unfortunately, in the wrong order. The Combination Trifecta paid £47.30 to a £6 stake.

Limerick 15:15 – Our top rated horse came second and our second rated horse won this race. The Reverse Forecast paid £19.90 to a £2 stake.

Down Royal 16:00 – Our top rated horse came second and our second rated horse won this race. The Reverse Forecast paid £6.95 to a £2 stake.

Down Royal 17:35 – Our top rated horse won this race and our second rated horse came second. The Forecast paid £4.40 to a £1 stake.


10 out of 21 races were won by a top three rated horse.

3 out of 21 races were won by a top rated horse.

System Bets – 5 Easy ways to make money…

From the free systems that I give away on the site (5 Easy Ways to make money from Horse Racing Ratings) we had 6 selections.

Down Royal 15:30 – Benefit of Magic – 2nd
Down Royal 16:00 – Fire in his Eyes – 2nd
Limerick 16:50 – Killcolla – 0
Lingfield (AW)16:55 – Miniature Daffodil – 3rd
Limerick 17:20 – Clinton Hill – 2nd
Lingfield 17:25 – Ravenhoe – 0
The system predicted 0 winners from those 6 races.

The actual, raw results may be seen here…

Something to make you smile…

The Husband’s Phone…

A woman wanted to reach her husband on his mobile phone but discovered that she was out of credit, she instructed her son – to use his own phone to pass across an urgent message to daddy who is at work.

After junior had called, he got back to his mother to inform her that it was a lady that picked up his Dad’s phone the three times he tried reaching dad on the mobile.

She waited impatiently for her husband to return from work, immediately she sighted him, she gave him a very hot slap, while the man was trying to ask why?

She repeated the slap, people from neighborhood rushed around to know the cause of this.

The man asked their son to tell everybody what the lady said to him when he called, the son said “The number you are trying to call is not reachable at the moment. Please try again later.”


For those of you on the current free trial, obviously I am around today. If any of you have any questions, just drop me a mail.

Have a great day’s racing!

As always…

My kindest regards



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