How to Win on the Horses

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Lots of people like having a flutter on the horses, and we all like to win! This book will show you how! There are no false promises here. This book isn't going to make anyone a millionaire, that's not what it's all about. It isn't about the long shots, nor does the system I'm going to teach you use accumulators. It's all straight win bets, and it's calculated to bring you a lot of consistent small wins instead of a few big ones. It is designed to nicely supplement your income on a regular, consistent basis. And if you invest a portion of your winnings back into your betting bank, it's possible that you could soon make quite a comfortable living simply through betting on horses. This booklet covers the following topics: How to Place a Bet Your Betting Bank and Profits Planning a Sequence of Bets Selecting Which Horses to Bet On When Not to Bet How to Keep Betting Enjoy the sport and spectacle of the races, which are always more fun when you're winning! Although this booklet directly addresses betting in the United Kingdom, its principles are easy to pick up and adapt to other countries.


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