Promote Advance Ratings and earn!

The Advance Ratings affiliate program offers online marketers in the Horse Racing arena an opportunity to promote Advance Ratings and earn commission for every qualifying sale – with no limit on how much you can earn.

What do I get?

By promoting Advance Ratings you will get the following…

Constant support and assistance. Time after time we get complimented on our customer service – something that can be rare in this industry.

A 50% commission on all sales. This is recurring and, thus, you will get just under £13 a month (after Clickbank had taken their small fee) every month. Now, you’re not going to get rich with this but then we don’t make any of those silly “Get Rich Quick” statements that you see on so many Horse Racing sites?

Anyway, if you could point 100 people towards Advance Ratings, you would earn an additional £1,300 per month – and, these days, that could certainly come in handy with paying the bills? Do that 4 times a year and you’d be £5,200 a month better off?

Banners and promotional assistance. We provide a full range of Banners and Icons for you to use to help you promote Advance Ratings.

First 5 races of the day. If you have a website, you’ll be able to display the first 5 races of the day on your site. There are a number of ways to technically do this and I am quite happy to work with you to implement the best way for you.

Free Trials. If you wish to promote Advance Ratings, what better way to do it then to offer your members/list a 7 Free Trial of the service?

Next week it could be you offering your members/list an Exclusive 7 Day Free Trial!

And, what’s more….

Your members don’t need to sign up for anything (and thus, we don’t capture the email addresses.)

You just need to send your members/list an email telling them about the 7 Day Free Trial and then a reminder email at 10:15 every morning giving them the link to the ratings.

What do I have to do?

Contact me. Firstly, contact me at and let me know that you are interested in promoting Advance Ratings.

I will need to know your name, email address, website url and your Clickbank Nickname.

We operate a Clickbank Whitelist and I will need to add your Clickbank Nickname to that Whitelist in order to allow you to promote Advance Ratings.

This stops unethical Clickbank affiliates from “piggybacking” your Exclusive Free Trial and ensures that you get credited with all your sales.

I will also need to know the rough size of your email list or the number of subscribers to your site. However, in this case “Size doesn’t actually matter” – we just like to work out a conversion rate so that we can see if we can improve things.

If you don’t have a Clickbank account then you’ll need to sign up for one but, don’t worry, it’s really easy to do (see below)…

Become a clickbank affiliate…

This only takes a couple of minutes.

Once you have completed the ClickBank sign up form you will receive your NICKNAME.

Our affiliate link is…

You need to replace XYZ with YOUR affiliate NICKNAME.

Everything else should be left as it is.

For Example: If your ClickBank nickname is johnsmith, your link would read…

Anyone who clicks on that link will be taken to and your Affiliate ID (Nickname) will be logged by Clickbank so that you get your commission should that person decide to sign up.

Review Advance Ratings. If you feel that it is appropriate for you, you may want to review Advance Ratings. If that is the case then contact me at and I will set you up with a temporary membership so that you get the ratings for the period of the review.

7 Day Free Trial. You may wish to offer your list/members a 7 Day Free Trial of Advance Ratings (see above.) If so, then please contact me at and she will work with you to schedule you in. Please note, we only offer 1 Exclusive 7 Day Free Trial at a time and so, for the bigger festivals, the sooner you schedule the free trial, the better.

Advertise Advance Ratings. You might want to put an advert for Advance Ratings on your site. This advert would contain your Clickbank ID so that, when someone clicks on the advert and goes on to sign up, you will get your commission.

To get your Banner or Text ads then just contact me at and I’ll send them out to you (we can tailor them to match the layout of your site.)

My kindest regards

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