Addicted To Horseracing: Anatomy of a Small Time Gambler

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Neither raised by a family steeped in horseracing, nor inspired by his sole visit to the races as a child, Norton Howells was a relatively late convert to the sport of Kings. One tedious August morning during the summer break from teaching, his eyes happened to drift towards the racing page of a newspaper. The tipster's article triggered a realisation:

Horseracing is not about horseracing. It's an academic study using evidence and argument.

A glorious profit of fifteen quid that day transformed a conventional life into an increasingly obsessive pursuit of self-fulfilment. Surely this, at last, was a game he could win? Addicted to Horseracing charts one man's quest to master that game, to crack the elusive code of gambling success.

The writing is precise yet evocative, with nothing held back, as we discover the vivid consequences of an obsession.

*This is an updated version of the previously released 'Horseracing Is Not About Horseracing'.


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